Publicações 2024

  1. Albuquerque-Lima et al., 2024 – Reproductive isolation between two sympatric bat-pollinated Bauhinia (Leguminosae)
  2. Lima-Nascimento et al., 2024 – Management practices of Cereus jamacaru DC in the Caatinga dry forest differentially affect its reproductive phenology, fruit set and nectar availability
  3. Silva et al., 2024 – How does bitter taste guide the utilization of medicinal plants in the semiarid region of Brazil?
  4. Souza et al., 2024 – Assessing Plant Resource Utilization across Wet and Dry Landscapes in Northeast Brazil
  5. Albuquerque et al., 2024 – How Do Local Medical Systems Work? An Overview of the Evidence
  6. Souza et al., 2024 – Patterns of Biological and Utilitarian Diversity of Plants Through a Dry Forest Precipitation Gradient
  7. Vanderlei et al., 2024 – Human disturbances reduce tree abundance and stimulate woody plant resprouting and clonal growth in a tropical dry forest
  8. Oliveira et al., 2024 – Rapid recovery of ant-mediated seed dispersal service along secondary succession in a Caatinga dry forest
  9. Silva et al., 2024 – Divergent reproductive responses of Caatinga dry forest plants to leaf-cutting ant herbivory
  10. Oliveira et al., 2024 – Recovery of the reproductive functional diversity of edible fruit plant assemblages along the regeneration of a Caatinga dry forest
  11. Kulka et al., 2024 – Increased aridity and chronic anthropogenic disturbance reduce litter productivity in a Caatinga dry forest
  12. Kulka et al., 2024 – Chronic anthropogenic disturbance alters litter decomposition and nutrient concentrations and stocks across a Caatinga dry forest chronosequence
  13. Noutcheua et al., 2024 – Chronic human disturbance and environmental forces drive the regeneration mechanisms of a Caatinga dry tropical forest
  14. Gomes et al., 2024 – Plant vegetative propagation plays a considerable role in the regeneration following slash-and-burn agriculture in Caatinga dry forest

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